Creating a green space in the work environment allows for a sense of tranquility in which staff can use to refocus- this is why interior designers and architects are now utilising the benefits of Easigrass™ artificial grass in the work environment. It allows for the creation of unique, beautiful and tranquil communal areas, like office terrace gardens and commercial balconies.

Easigrass™ artificial grass has a wide range of multi-award winning grass that are also UV-stabilised and highly durable. It has been developed over 30 years with expert knowledge and technology and can be fitted on any concrete, tarmac or decking surface to create a green garden space in any workplace.

Our representatives are up for any challenge and specialise in unmatched customer service to create the perfect tailor made space. To therefore achieve an immaculate and flawless finish, it is crucial that you Easigrass™ artificial grass for your terrace or balcony is installed by our professionals who boast 20 years of experience in installations.

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